Tablet optimised apps to get top billing in new Google Play store charts

Tablet optimised apps to get top billing in new Google Play store listings
Google tells devs to optimise for tablets or fall down the listings

In the last couple of years, tablets running Google's Android operating system have risen to match or surpass Apple's iPads in all but one crucial area - the amount of tablet optimised apps.

While there are plentiful apps for devices like the Nexus 7, some of the top hitters are often simply upscaled from smartphone apps for larger screens. They work just fine, but the experience could be better.

Now Google wants to rectify this by giving preferential treatment for apps 'Designed for tablets' within Google Play charts, when users search on their devices.

The move is designed to put those optimised apps front and centre for tablet owners, but also to give developers a nudge into fine tuning their applications and receive greater visibility on the shop floor.

Get ready, devs

In a post on the Android Developers blog, the company wrote: "Developers, if your apps are targeting tablets, take note. On November 21, 2013, Google Play will roll out some changes that will improve the visibility of tablet-optimized apps. Make sure your app is ready!

"Starting November 21, the "Designed for tablets" view will become the default for users browsing the top lists on their tablets (Top Paid, Top Free, Top Grossing, Top New Paid, Top New Free, and Trending).

"Also, apps and games that do not meet the "Designed for tablets" criteria will be marked as "Designed for phones" for users browsing the Play Store on their tablets."

Could this result in a surge of devs updating their wares to offer better user experiences for tablet owners? Android fans will hope so.

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