Surface Pro 3 owners are up in arms as more battery blues strike

Surface Pro 3

Just when you thought it was safe to plug your Surface Pro 3 into the mains and start charging without any fear of battery woes – following Microsoft's recent fix of the long-standing battery issue with the device – another power-related problem has popped up.

Let's take a step back for a moment. Okay, so the original battery problem with the Surface Pro 3, which involved the device reporting a lower battery capacity than expected (and reportedly meant that some users could barely manage an hour of longevity away from the mains) was finally cured with a firmware update issued at the end of last month.

But that was a problem with Simplo batteries in the SP3, and now a fresh issue has emerged affecting systems equipped with LG power packs

The issue in this case is that when the Surface is plugged in to charge, the device says that it's plugged in but 'not charging', and indeed it doesn't charge up. Then when you pull the charger out of the device, the SP3 switches itself off. That's a pretty aggravating state of affairs indeed.

Charged atmosphere

As is the fact that Microsoft apparently hasn't produced any official response to the flaw, other than saying that "they are aware" of the problem, as one community moderator commented on the thread where plenty of SP3 customers are complaining and feeling like they're not being listened to.

Some of those customers have said that the issue manifested itself after the firmware fix for the previous Simplo battery flaw, and others have indicated that their battery was working okay until the Anniversary Update was applied to Windows 10.

Either way, the accusation is that the battery was just fine until a recent update, so this is not a hardware issue – and unsurprisingly, SP3 owners want Microsoft to get their skates on in terms of applying a fix. Because at the moment, the affected machines are effectively tethered to the mains.

Via: Ars Technica

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