Nexus 8.9 tablet on the cards as Google puts pressure on iPad mini

Nexus 8 9 tablet on the cards as Google puts pressure on iPad mini

There's been talk for a while that Google might be working on an 8-inch Nexus tablet, but now there's a suggestion an 8.9-inch device may be in the works.

That's according to Rhoda Alexander, director of tablet and monitor research at IHS Technology. In an email to CNET she claimed that the slate would enter production in July or August, but that it will likely be produced in a relatively small volume.

It's also unlikely to be as affordable as current Nexus devices, as Alexander states that it's expected to be a "high performance" device with a premium price tag to support the specifications.

Premium price

She doesn't know what it will sell for but claimed she wouldn't be surprised if it's more than $299 (around £180, AU$330), though obviously with VAT and everything it would be more than that over here in any case.

The Nexus 8.9, or whatever it ends up being called, may be built by HTC apparently and if you're a fan of the 7-inch form factor fear not, because Alexander claims she still expects to see a new version of the Nexus 7 at some point in the year too.