Intel set to talk Windows 8 tablets with HP, Samsung, ZTE and more

Intel set to talk Windows 8 tablets with HP Samsung ZTE and more

Intel is set to reveal its Windows 8 tablet plans and talk new chips at a manufacturer-endorsed event ahead of the big Windows 8 launch.

A number of big-name manufacturers head up the RSVP list, with Acer, Asus, Dell, HP, Lenovo, Samsung and ZTE all set to make an appearance.

While most of those companies have already made public their intentions to sell Windows 8 tablets, ZTE hasn't.

Its attendance at this conference seems a tentative confirmation that the Chinese firm will be releasing some form of Windows 8 tablet in the near future.

The tablets have turned

As well as the tablet talk, Intel is set to reveal more information about Atom, the chips that it hopes will drag the company into the mobile limelight.

The Intel Windows 8 tablet event is set for September 27, ahead of the official Windows 8 launch which is expected to take place on October 25.

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