Apple officially celebrating 100,000 iPad app landmark

Apple officially celebrating 100 000 iPad app landmark

Apple is officially celebrating its 100,000th iPad app with a mailing out to its massive user base to celebrate the landmark.

The 100,000 mark has been claimed by third parties in the past, but Apple is now toting the figure to its users.

"iPad 2; it does everything like nothing else," reads Apple's email. "With iPad 2 and over 100,000 apps made for it, you can do what you love in ways you never imagined."

Smash hit

The iPad 2 has certainly been a smash hit for the company since being shown off on stage by Steve Jobs in March.

With a host of Android tablets now attempting to wrest market share from Apple, and the tablet friendly Windows 8 on the horizon, the competition is certinaly hotting up.

But the iPad now has a big base of specially designed apps which will remain a key factor in consumers' buying decisions.

It's also worth pointing out that this isn't exactly the Apple announcement we were hoping for.