Apple claims iPad name is not predictable

Apple claims iPad name is not predictable
Are we going to see the 'iPhone' later this year?

Apple has claimed that its decision to drop the numerical naming regime for the new iPad was due to the fact it doesn't want to become predictable.

Rumours on the name of Apple's new tablet were flying left, right and centre in the lead up to its launch, with iPad 3 and iPad HD looking the most likely of options, but Apple surprised everyone when it revealed is was going to stick with "iPad".

When questioned by the Wall Street Journal on Apple's decision to go back to basics with the name, Apple's SVP of Global Marketing, Phill Schiller said: "because we don't want to be predictable".

How about the iSuperAwesomePad 3 HD?

Schiller's point is valid, as the tech world had created and then believed its own rumours that we were going to see the iPad3 / iPad HD only to be left red-faced when Tim Cook announced the new iPad.

It's thought that Apple is looking to align the iPad brand with its other products such as the MacBook Pro and MacBook Air series and this could mean the iPhone 5 may be called iPhone.

However if Apple doesn't want to be predictable, then it hasn't excelled itself with the "iPad" name, which isn't much of wild leap away from the norm. Surely something along the lines of the iSuperAwesomePad 3 HD would have really rocked the boat and got people talking?

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