Amazon says no ad opt-out for updated Kindle Fire, Kindle Fire HDs

Kindle Fire HD
Will users get fired up about no ad opt-outs?

Conflicting reports surfaced Friday as to whether the upgraded Kindle Fire and the three members of the all-new Kindle Fire HD family would have advertisement opt-out capabilities found in earlier Kindle Fires.

An Amazon spokesperson confirmed to TechRadar that none of the new models will have ad opt-out options.

"No opt-out for Kindle Fire," the spokesperson said, later clarifying that to mean both the upgraded Kindle Fire and all Kindle Fire HDs.

Instead, those who buy the revamped Kindle Fire, the 7- or 8.9-inch Kindle Fire HD (which also comes as an 8.9 inch with 4G LTE) will have no reprieve from ad-supported "Special Offers" on their devices.

These sponsored ads appear on the lock-screen as well as on the home screen.

There is no plan to provide opt-outs for these devices in the future, the spokesperson added.

Times are a'changin

In previous models, users had the option of either buying an ad-free version (for an added cost) or by buying out of ads once a Kindle was bought.

However, as TechRadar learned, neither these nor any other opt out options are being offered.

An Engadget reader provided a response to an inquiry about Special Offer opt-outs, written by an Amazon support person, to the site early Friday.

The Amazon employee told the reader that: "Options for unsubscribing special offer will be announced soon."

CNET later contradicted that claim and, as TechRadar also learned, confirmed no opt-out options are included with the new devices.

Retailer round-up

In other Kindle Fire (and Kindle Fire 2) news, Best Buy has begun taking pre-orders for the tablets.

Pre-orders from the world's largest consumer electronics retailer started one day after Amazon announced the products and offered pre-orders through its own site.

Amazon said that the devices will start shipping as early as Sept. 14 and as late as Nov. 20, while in the U.K. and other parts of Europe should get devices in the mail beginning Oct. 25.

Joining Best Buy in carrying at least some Kindle Fires in the U.S. is Staples, the country's top office supply chain store.

Starting as early as the end of this month, Staples said it plans to shelve some of the bigger, faster and more aggressively priced Kindle Fires.

Office Depot said the upgraded Kindle Fire, plus accessories, will be in its U.S. stores by late Sept. as well.

Via Engadget, CNET, Reuters

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