Toshiba unveils Satellite U840W: a 21:9 Ultrabook

Toshiba unveils Satellite U840W, a 21:9 Ultrabook
Toshiba Satellite U840W: long and low

Toshiba wants its new Satellite U840W to be your movie-watching notebook of choice.

That's why the company has taken the bold move of giving it a 14.4-inch 21:9 aspect ratio'd, 1792x768 resolution screen, promising to eliminate the black bars from widescreen movie playback.

As well as the cinephile pleasing screen, Toshiba has included Harman/Kardon stereo speakers and promises all-day battery life. Unfortunately there's no Blu-ray drive on the laptop so you'll have to download or stream those widescreen films.


As an Ultrabook, the Satellite U840W has a Hollywood-starlet's waistline (20.8mm) and premium brushed metal finish, but weighs in a fairly hefty 1.814kg (although this will vary depending on your chosen configuration).

Its innards feature a 32GB SSD, 500GB HDD, an Ivy Bridge Intel Core processor and up to 10GB DDR3. We're pleased to see three USB 3.0 connectors feature, while HDMI out, Ethernet and a muti-card reader complete the port line-up.

Toshiba Satellite U840W

The Toshiba Satellite U840W release date is penned in for Q3 2012 (July – September) with prices starting at £899 ($999).

What a treat

But that's not all, Tosh fans! The company has been on quite the spree, also unveiling the Satellite U840 Ultrabook – a similar machine with a 19.9mm waist and regular 14-inch screen.

What's more, when it goes on sale in Q3 2012, the Toshiba U840 should be fairly affordable with pricing starting at £599 (likely to be around $699).

There's also the Portege Z930, an update to the business-friendly Ultrabook lineup that offers longer battery life and a variety of screen size options.

Toshiba LX830

And last but not least there's a full on all-in-one PC known as the Toshiba LX830, enhanced with Freeview and Blu-ray player as well as Windows OS – and the 23-inch HD display comes in a touchscreen option, if you're feeling tactile.

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