New pack of Chromebooks come running Intel's latest

Lenovo N20P
Chromebooks are about to get a whole lot more interesting

Intel is doubling down on Chrome OS with a bevy of new Core i3-powered Chromebooks from multiple major manufacturers.

Alongside Dell and Acer, Intel announced it is introducing its first Core i3 processors designed for Chromebooks this summer.

The silicon maker detailed that the beefed up Dell Chromebook 11 with the new chip would come later this year. Meanwhile, the new Acer C720 will be ready for the "early back-to-school season" with a $349.99 (about £206.18,AU$373.96) price tag.

Both machines proved to be hearty enough for our everyday cloud computing during our reviews and the more powerful Core i3 parts should make things even smoother.

The increased process power should smooth out any potential hitches when streaming HD video and let users leave even more web browser tabs open. Intel also promised the parts will help load rich web apps up to four times faster and boost performance when holding Google Hangouts with multiple parties

Walking along the Bay Trail

At a San Francisco event, Intel announced a few new devices equipped with the Bay Trail-M SoC. These parts are geared toward long battery life that will allow Chrome OS laptops to run for up to 11 hours.

What's more, the new architecture will allow manufacturers to produce fan-less, passively cooled Chromebooks, making them lighter and thinner. The Bay Trail-M SoC also supports touch-enabled screens and the latest version of wireless connectivity, 802.11ac Wi-Fi.

With these new capabilities, Intel hinted we could start seeing even more varied Chromebook designs and form factors, such as the back-flipping displays on the Lenovo N20 and N20p.

Asus also announced its own additions, the 11.6-inch C200 and a 13.3-inch C300. Both cloud-based notebooks are expected to start shipping this summer.

Puck-shaped clouds

Lastly, Google announced it has teamed up to make yet another ChromeBox mini computer similar to the Mac Mini. The miniature Chome OS box will arrive in the US later this June with a Haswell Celeron processor.

LG's Chromebase was also dated to arrive in the US from May 26 priced at $349 (about £205,AU$372).

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