UK Amazon MP3 store to launch next month

Amazon MP3 coming to the UK in October
Amazon MP3 coming to the UK in October

Nipping at the heals of 7Digital and ahead of its MySpace link-up, Amazon UK is set to unveil its MP3 music site next month.

According to reports in New Media Age, the online electronics retailer is to begin its music service in October, much to the delight of music labels who think that Apple and its iTunes service has a monopoly on digital downloads.

100% MP3

Just yesterday 7digital announced that it is the first online store in the UK to sell 100 per cent MP3 tracks from the UK, with 7digital's CEO also upbeat about Amazon joining the music download brigade, saying: "With MySpace linking up with Amazon and Amazon releasing its own service, I think it will open up the MP3 market.

"It will mean that people will see that there is more to offer than just the 800 pound gorilla that is Apple iTunes."

MySpace Music next year?

Interestingly, NMA also says it has it under good authority that MySpace Music won't reach the UK till early next year.

The ad-funded music service will feature streamed music tracks and free downloads from Amazon. At the moment, three of the major music labels are on board, with EMI still in the 'talks' stage.

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