7 gadgets to keep track of the things that matter most to you



Not the one with the British accent

You can track and secure everything from your home, to your pets and, heck, even your kids with the Gecko tracker, which has a motion sensor and GPS system built in. Gecko trackers are about the size of a quarter and can be adhered to any object to track its whereabouts via the iOS app.

Once you tag an item with Gecko's detection feature, it remembers where you left your item and alerts you when it moves.

Tag your window to get alerts when it's opened or closed. Tag a pillbox to get a notification when you or a loved one hasn't taken their medication at the scheduled time that day. You can even use Gecko as a smart leash for your pet and get an alert when it leaves a 100-foot radius.

But there's more. Gecko can also be used as a camera trigger and can skip music tracks using gestures.

Price: Gecko is only available for pre-order for $35 a device, but the company doesn't actually state when they expect them to ship.



So wise. So yellow

The WiseButton is a great little addition to any household with plenty of gadgets to operate and devices to keep track of. This keychain-sized device is dubbed as a universal remote control and tracker and it is compatible with all operating systems, including as Android, iOS and Windows Phone, so you shouldn't encounter any interface issues when using it.

The WiseButton has an alarm option that alerts you when your device is more than 20 feet away. This device-seeking device can be located using the gadget you hooked it up to in case one of them goes missing and until the battery runs out, of course. But that will take about a month before you need to charge it via USB.

Price: WiseButton retails for $27

Kensington Proximo

Kingston Promixo

With like a name like that, it has to be good

Keys have a special ability to disappear right when you're looking for them. Proximo key fob and tab is a great solution for the forgetful, helping you track down lost items like electronics and keys and, best of all, preventing losses in the first place. The setup is easy and the system can track up to five items concurrently, with the iPhone and Galaxy S app showing their distance and pinging up a warning if you're leaving them behind.

Price: The Proximo Starter Kit is priced at $59.99, while each additional Tag is $24.99.



Definitely worth keeping track of

With Guardian you'll never lose track of your kids again, until they get beyond 230 feet, in which case, you're on your own. The device can be worn like a wristband or belt buckle, and acts almost like a virtual leash. Guardian communicates with the parents' phone via Bluetooth, so if the child wanders (or is taken) away beyond a per-determined safety perimeter, an alert sounds and appears on the phone.

Not only is Guardian a way to keep track of the most important people in your life, but it also offers some peace of mind on the side.

Price: Guardian is available for $29.95.

As for that other valuable thing...

The idea behind most of these devices is that you tack them onto something important to you and register them with an app on your phone using Bluetooth, and you'll be able to track where it was and receive an alert with the last known location.

So hopefully, your smartphone is not the lost item you're looking for. In that case, if you're not using something like Apple's 'Find My Phone' app, you could always resort to the fail-proof method of calling your own phone to see if it's nearby.