Microsoft is giving US government agencies access to OpenAI GPT-4 tech

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Microsoft is reportedly working on its Azure Government cloud computing service, adding integration with OpenAI’s models and giving government agencies access to generative AI.

A Microsoft blog post previewed by Bloomberg reportedly details plans to bring OpenAI’s latest-generation GPT-4 large multimodal model and earlier GPT-3 large language model to Azure Government customers.

Specificities on the departments set to benefit from the AI tools are lacking, likely in a bid to preserve security, but Bloomberg speculates that the US Defense Department, the Energy Department, and NASA could be among them.

US Government gets GPT-4

On the potential uses of the generative AI tools within the US government, Microsoft hints at research queries, field reports, and code generation and correction, much in the same way that other organizations and consumers already use ChatGPT.

Commercial cloud users have been the ones to benefit from the Azure OpenAI service, marking this as a major milestone and the first time that governments will get access via Microsoft’s servers.

Until now, the world’s governments have been reluctant to employ artificial intelligence, with some even banning their use for security reasons. Regular ChatGPT users will have their data sent back to OpenAI for training purposes, in turn helping to make a better and more reliable experience.

Because Azure Government is already subject to stringent security measures to protect the hugely sensitive data that is often handled by various agencies, the version of ChatGPT that will land in the hands of the US government promises to be more secure. Data transmitted during ‘conversations’ will remain within the Azure OpenAI service, for example.

Via Bloomberg

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