Microsoft Excel gets several welcome upgrades for web use

Microsoft Excel
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Microsoft is making it easier for users to work with spreadsheets online with the announcement of a slew of new features coming to Excel for the web.

In a new post on the Excel blog, the software giant reconfirmed its commitment to achieving its goal of delivering  faster, smoother, and richer experiences in Excel for the web through a number of new features which include easier worksheet navigation, support for multiple range section, version history support and more.

Now when opening an Excel workbook with multiple worksheets, Excel for the web users can jump directly to the worksheet they want by clicking on the new All Sheets button in the lower left corner and selecting their worksheet. Microsoft has also added the ability to select multiple ranges that are not adjacent to each other and fill color or copy and paste. Users can even hold the Ctrl key while they select as many ranges as they want.

Excel for the web also now supports more ways to zoom in and out of a spreadsheet including pinch/stretch to zoom on a touch screen or trackpad, Ctrl + mouse wheel, Ctrl Alt +/- key, clicking the +/- button and users can select a predefined zoom level from 25 to 200 percent in the bottom right corner of the web app.

Keyboard shortcuts and version history

In order to help boost the productivity of Excel for the web users, Microsoft has added keyboard shortcuts by default. Now when using keyboard shortcuts like Alt, Ctrl-1, Ctrl-Shift-A and others, they will work in Excel and not a user's web browser. You can also see the full list of Excel keyboard shortcuts by clicking on the Help tab and selecting Keyboard Shortcuts.

Excel for the web is also getting version history support and users can now view and restore previous versions of their spreadsheets. This feature can quite useful for those collaborating with others who may need to revert to a previous version if an undesired change is made to their Excel file.

Finally, Microsoft has added regional settings to Excel for the web and users can set up their date/time, number and currency formats by selecting File > Options > Regional Format Settings or by selecting the Number Format drop down list and clicking on More Number Formats.

While Microsoft has added a number of new features to Excel for the Web in this latest update, the software giant also said that it plans on bring more features to the service soon.

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