Microsoft Edge wins Microsoft's own browser battery test

With the Windows 10 Creators Update now ready to be added to your machine, it’s time to address your browser needs.

While the update has introduced a number of new features geared towards the creative types, there are also those that will appease the masses, including more battery-friendly internet sessions. Well, depending on exactly which browser you’re using that is.

To prove its point, Microsoft has released a battery test video comparison, showing the staying power of the three most popular browsers side-by-side, pitting its own Edge offering against Google’s Chrome and Mozilla’s Firefox.

The test was a simple one, which browser could last the longest while streaming full screen video from Vimeo.

Microsoft wins test conducted by Microsoft

Given that Microsoft is keen for you to see the results, there’s no prizes for guessing which browser came out on top, yep, Microsoft Edge.

Edge didn’t just, well, edge the test either. Instead it dominated proceedings, lasting a full 35% longer than Google Chrome and a massive 77% longer than Firefox.

While Firefox lasted just 7 hours and 4 minutes before conking out, Chrome managed a full 9 hours and 17 minutes of streaming.

Microsoft’s Edge browser, which has been specially attuned for the new Windows 10 Creators Update, however, just kept on chugging, eventually notching up 12 hours and 31 minutes of streaming time before finally calling it a day.

In terms of fairness, the three browsers were each made to run on identical Surface Book machines, each powered by Intel’s 2.4GHz Core i5-6300U processor, 8GB of RAM and Intel HD Graphics 520 GPU.

Ensuring further parity, each device was muted, had brightness set to 75%, Bluetooth and location disabled and the Quiet Hours functionality switched on.

As well as improved Edge performance, the new Windows 10 Creators Update, which is available as a free download now, has added a mass of new features including 3D-friendly Paint, a blue light depleting Night Light mode, and enhanced privacy settings.

Via MSPoweruser