Microsoft Edge has a new logo to help you forget about Internet Explorer

Microsoft Edge logo
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A new browser deserves a new logo, and Microsoft has revealed a radically refreshed bit of artwork to go alongside the Chromium-based version of Microsoft Edge.

It's still an 'E', sort of, but the updated icon is a long way from the Internet Explorer-esque logo that the original Microsoft Edge is using. The message is clear: Microsoft is breaking with the past with this new version.

While the new browser is effectively still in beta, Microsoft has said it's close to being finished, and it should be replacing the existing version of Edge in the near future.

The new and improved Edge has been built from the ground up – using the same Chromium foundation as Google Chrome – to be more appealing to both end users and web developers.

Sign of the times

The new logo wasn't unveiled in a conventional way, however – it was hidden behind a series of puzzles and clues posted to the web by Microsoft employees.

At the end of the digital trail was an online surfing game that, when completed, revealed the stylish-looking icon. It makes a change from the usual blog post or press release, at least, and it would seem to hint that the new Edge is almost ready for a full launch.

As for the connotations that come with the new Edge logo, we'll leave you to draw your own conclusions – it looks a bit like a green-and-blue wave to us, which presumably links in with 'surfing' the web.

Microsoft has been busy refreshing a load of its iconography over the last few months, from the Office icons to the core Windows 10 apps, so it makes sense that Edge would be following suit.

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