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Meet the car key that's also a contactless payment card

What if you could use your car key to pay for things in shops? Well now you can, as DS Automobiles has just launched the UK's first contactless payment car key.

Made for the DS 3 Connected Chic, the key works with Barclay's bPay platform, allowing you to 'top up' the clever key with credit that can be spent at any shop that offers contactless payments.

You don't need to be a Barclay's customer either, with bPay operating separately to the main bank via a smartphone application that anyone can download and use.

Currently, contactless payment terminals allow you to pay up to £30 in a single transaction, and you can have up to £200 in your bPay wallet.

There is a catch though, as the contactless key is only available to customers who order the DS 3 Connected Chic in September, with prices starting at £15,775, and finance deals from £199/month.

You can check out the key in action in the video below