Logitech and Herman Miller's gaming chair will soothe your back and hurt your wallet

Herman Miller x Logitech G Embody Gaming Chair
(Image credit: Herman Miller/Logitech)

Back in February, before many of us realised we’d be spending most of our waking lives seated at our home computer due to Covid lockdowns, furniture designer Herman Miller announced a collaboration with Logitech G to “design and manufacture the next generation high-performance furniture solutions for gamers”.

Today, the product of their joint efforts has emerged in the form of the Embody Gaming Chair – a hybrid of the existing Herman Miller Embody line of ergonomic office seats and the extra gaming-specific touches introduced by Logitech’s dedicated gaming brand, Logitech G.

With the unveiling of the new chair comes the announcement of its price tag – an eye watering $1,495 (£1,195, about AU$2,300) – which perhaps shouldn’t be a surprise if you’re familiar with other products from Herman Miller.

The designer furniture brand is perhaps best-known for its Aeron ergonomic office chair, which features in our round up of the best office chairs available. 

Herman Miller has brought its renowned clean aesthetic and attention to comfort and back support to this collaboration, resulting in a design that’s considerably less ‘loud’ than most other gaming chairs on the market.

It also features a good deal more in the way of ergonomic support, with an adjustable ‘spine’ and flexible ‘ribs’ that claim to tailor-to and support each user's individual spine and ribs. Gaming specific features introduced by Logitech G include cooling foam used in the seat and lower back of the chair, as well as a seat that supports a more “active, vertical sitting position” for the more intense gaming moments.

The Embody Gaming Chair isn’t the only fruit of the pair’s labor, with Herman Miller and Logitech G also announcing the Motia, Ratio, and Nevi adjustable gaming desks with matte black, anti-smudge and anti-glare finishes, alongside the Ollin Monitor Arm to complete the set.

The Motia is available for preorder in the US at a cost of $1,295 (about £1,000 / AU$1,800), while in the UK the Nevi can be preordered for £995. The Ollin is likewise up for preorder in the US and UK, priced at $295 / £175 respectively (about AU$400). Official pricing and availability for the desks and arms in regions outside the US and UK has yet to be confirmed.

Harry Domanski
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