Leaked promo videos show HTC's 2017 handsets, including a Vive phone

HTC has a press event scheduled for January 12 when we're expecting to hear more about the company's smartphone plans for 2017 - although the announcement might also involve smartwatches, tablets and perhaps some VR kit.

This weekend, thanks to Evan Blass aka @evleaks - one of the web's most reliable tipsters - we've seen two promo videos that give a few hints about what's in store. Interestingly enough, there's a shot of an HTC Vive-branded phone in one of them.

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It's the first time we've heard about a smartphone with the HTC Vive moniker attached, though it does make sense for the company to get more mileage out of one of its most successful products of the moment. The clip also shows that customization options are going to be a key part of HTC's 2017 smartphone line-up.

If there really is an HTC Vive phone in the pipeline it might also mean there's a mobile VR headset on the way from HTC too - something like the Daydream View or the Samsung Gear VR that the Vive phone can slot into.

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The other video shows a couple wandering around some picturesque European city and using the edges of an unnamed HTC phone to control actions like scrolling and launching the camera. It's not clear if this is an actual phone or just a concept, but those kind of edge functions could well make their way into the HTC 11.

There have been rumors that the January 12 event involves a mid-range smartphone, so we might have to wait until MWC at the end of February to see the HTC 11 or indeed the HTC Vive phone. Once there's something official to talk about, we'll let you know.

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