Kura Gallium, perhaps the most promising AR headset yet, is coming to CES 2022

Kura Gallium AR headset promo image
(Image credit: Kura)

We get more excited for CES 2022 the closer we get to the event. The annual Las Vegas-based venue, kicking off on January 5, 2022, will play host to swathes of promising new tech products – and one we have a keen eye on is the Kura Gallium AR headset.

The Kura Gallium's specs are a cut above most other augmented reality headsets on the market, and it has an impressive glasses-style design that's a marked improvement on the bulky looks of most other devices.

Some of the Kura Gallium's most eye-catching specs are its 150-degree field of view, and a resolution of up to 8K. Both are well above and beyond specs offered by other rival headsets, which typically max out at a 52-degree FOV and 1080p resolution.

A big step forward

Another area where Kura Gallium looks to beat the competition is display transparency. Its display is 95% transparent, allowing the displayed image to blend more seamlessly into your immediate surroundings.

A performance comparison chart from Kura Technologies' website claims that the headset doesn't suffer from ghost imaging, either. This is an undesirable effect that makes the displayed image look duplicated, blurry or both, and eliminating it as a potential problem is a definite step forward for AR tech.

Kura has been working on the Gallium for a number of years now, and it's shaping up to be one of the most impressive consumer AR devices we've seen yet, but tech this advanced doesn't come cheap. Expect to pay $1,199 (around £900 / AU$1,700) for the Gallium or $899 (around £680 / AU$1,200) for the Gallium Lite, a smaller device with some scaled back specs.

Still, a positive showing at CES 2022 could make the Kura Gallium appear to be worth investing in when it launches. And while the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic means that we at TechRadar won't be attending the event in person, we'll be eagerly looking out for first impressions of the Kura Gallium AR headset and many other new pieces of tech as the event unfolds.

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