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It’s a full house! Channel 5 becomes final UK broadcaster to support Chromecast

Google’s Chromecast has just completed its collection of terrestrial streaming services with the addition of support for My5, Channel 5’s own streaming service. 

The addition means that you should now be able to watch all of British terrestrial television through your diminutive streaming puck. 

My5 comes in addition to the BBC’s iPlayer service, ITV’s hub, and Channel 4’s All 4, which cover the other four terrestrial channels.

Channel 5 has proven to be an increasingly popular destination for US imports, attracting the new series of The X-Files, but it has also played host to a number of key British programs, and has hosted Big Brother since Channel 4 dropped the reality series in 2011. 

So if you’ve been holding out for every major British broadcaster to support the Chromecast, now might just be the time to pick one up.