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IPVanish parent company adds VPN feature to Speedtest app

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Consumers are increasingly using VPNs to secure their connections and protect their privacy online which is why many businesses have begun to add them to their consumer products.

Earlier this year Cloudflare launched its WARP VPN app for iOS and Android and now the popular service Speedtest by Ookla has added a VPN to its iOS app.

Ookla's parent company, J2Global is quickly becoming one of the largest VPN conglomerates as it owns SaferVPN,, IPVanish, StrongVPN and Buffered VPN. It also licenses infrastructure technology to Namecheap and Pornhub for their respective VPN services.

Speedtest VPN

The latest version of Speedtest (Version 4.1.13) on Apple's App Store includes a preview version of the company's new VPN service.

As of now, Speedtest's VPN is free but that could change in the future if Ookla decides to offer a paid version that gives users more data and a faster connection. The new VPN service has a data transfer limit of 2GB which is more than enough for casual mobile browsing but power users may be better off choosing a full fledged VPN service.

iOS users looking to try out Speedtest's VPN for themselves should first update the app to the latest version. From there the app will ask to add VPN Configurations and once they've been installed, turning on the VPN is as easy as tapping the power toggle.

The preview version of Speedtest's VPN service is currently only available for iOS but an Android version could be launching soon.

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