iPhone 13, Apple Watch 7 and new iPads all detailed in a big leak

Apple's iPhone 12 in purple from the front and the rear
Apple's iPhone 12 (Image credit: Apple)

We’re fast approaching the launch of the iPhone 13, a phone that will almost certainly land in September, likely alongside some other products such as the Apple Watch 7 and maybe even a new iPad. Unsurprisingly we’ve heard a lot about these devices already, but the leaks just won’t stop coming.

Now Mark Gurman (a Bloomberg writer with an excellent track record for Apple information) has in his Power On newsletter revealed some likely specs and features of these upcoming devices.

In many cases he’s reiterating things that he’s said before, but there is some new stuff here, including a claim that the Apple Watch 7 will come with a new Time to Run feature. This will presumably be similar to the podcast-like Time to Walk feature already found on the Apple Watch, but aimed at runners, and it will apparently be joined by audio meditations.

As for the iPhone 13, here Gurman reiterates claims that the range will stick to the same screen sizes as the iPhone 12 did, that it will include a new A15 chipset, a 120Hz refresh rate on the Pro models, and possibly an always-on display.

The iPhone 13 range is also said to include a new Cinematic Video setting for Portrait mode, an AI-driven filter system, and higher quality recording for the iPhone 13 Pro models in Apple’s ProRes format.

He also says the notch will be smaller, as has been widely rumored, and suggests that the upgrades are just about big enough to justify calling these phones the iPhone 13 range rather than the iPhone 12S – though it doesn’t sound like he has any inside information on the names.

Finally, Gurman claims that the iPad mini 6 will have thinner borders and a complete redesign, as we’ve heard before, and that a slimmer and faster new iPad (2021) is also on the way.

Rear of the Pixel 6 Pro showing the camera bar and lock key

The Pixel 6 range could be the only major non-Apple launch left this year (Image credit: Google)

Analysis: late 2021 is Apple’s to own

While most of this information isn’t new, it does line up with what we’ve heard before, so there’s a good chance it’s accurate, and if all of these devices land this year as they’re rumored to then Apple could have almost no new competition in the final few months of 2021.

Apple potentially has four iPhone 13 models, the iPad mini 6, a new iPad and the Apple Watch 7 on the way in the next month or two, and what do rivals have? We’re expecting the Google Pixel 6 range, Google Pixel 5a and perhaps the Pixel Fold, but there’s very little else of note.

Samsung has already unveiled most of its late 2021 line-up, and with foldables in place of the Galaxy Note 21, its offerings are arguably more niche than normal, though we might still see a Samsung Galaxy S21 FE. Then there’s OnePlus, which often brings new T models to the table in September or October, but is rumored not to be launching a OnePlus 9T.

We’re mostly talking phones here, but Apple might have even less new tablet competition, with the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 likely to be a big rival, but possibly not launching until early 2022.

So for anyone who’s still holding out for a new flagship phone and hoping something catches their eye before the end of the year, it’s mostly just Apple and Google left to come, and for tablets it’s all Apple.

James Rogerson

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