iOS 11 may support higher-quality music files with FLAC lossless audio

Audiophiles looking to make the most of their digital music library may be in for a pleasant surprise with iOS 11, as it appears that support for FLAC audio files is coming to the latest version of Apple's mobile software.

Redditors combing through the iOS 11 beta have spotted what appears to be a way to access lossless FLAC files, according to The Next Web. This ability appears to come as part of iOS 11's Files app — Apple's new feature for managing content on your device.

While talking about file types can often go in one ear, out the other, hear us out: FLAC files make for great listening thanks to their ability to lose no data during compression (hence the term, "lossless.") 

Not only does this result in clearer-sounding music, but FLAC support could also mean using albums you've purchased online that come exclusively in the lossless format on an iOS device.

More tunes, more ways

For example, independent music stores like Bandcamp tend to offer albums in both MP3 and FLAC formats. Those who are used to unlocking video game soundtracks from special collector's editions or sites like Humble Bundle may also be familiar with FLAC music files.

Should iOS 11 bring a viable workaround to add and listen to FLAC files, these albums can become easily added to your library without having to convert them into compressed MP3 files.

Getting a little ahead of ourselves, support for FLAC files could also mean the potential for CD-quality music from Apple's own Apple Music service akin to Tidal. That's us purely speculating, as it seems the iOS 11 beta only supports FLAC files in the Files app, not Apple Music proper.

It's uncertain just how much Apple is going to work with lossless audio this early in iOS 11's release, but we're sure music lovers with backlogs of FLAC-filed music will appreciate getting a chance to play their jams how they want.

Via The Verge

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