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Wikileaks founder Assange gets Nobel Peace Prize nomination

Nobel may get a peace of Assange
Nobel may get a peace of Assange

Julian Assange, the controversial creator of Wikileaks, has received a Nobel Peace Prize nomination from a member of the Norwegian government.

The Nobel nominations are usually a closely guarded secret but it seems that a parliament member in Norway let it slip that Assange has his vote for the prize that celebrates notable folk who have strived in some way to promote peace in the world.

October announcement

While one nomination doesn't guarantee anything – thousands of people have the right to offer up people for proposal – it's interesting to see a man who has had such backlash from governments the world over get a name check for the prestigious award.

In the end it is up to just five people, chosen by the Norwegian Storting, who select the winner from a list of candidates that has to be submitted by the 1 February each year.

The winner of the Nobel Peace Prize will be announced in October. If it is indeed Assange, then he won't be the first controversial character to gain the award.

Just last year, Liu Xiaobo a Chinese dissident was given the prize for his struggle to bring democracy to China.

Via The Guardian