What is the Internet of Things and why should you care?

What is the Internet of Things and why should you care?

There's been a lot of talk about the "internet of things" lately. It was big news at this year's CES, and Google's sudden purchase of Nest made the whole internet sit up a bit straighter and pay a bit more attention.

But it's got a stupid name which, depending on your point of view, either makes no sense at all or makes a tiny bit of sense but still really doesn't make sense.

It could mean basically anything, and it could mean basically anything too.

So what does it all MEAN?

Over the past few weeks, TechRadar has been trying to answer that question. We've looked at the past, present and future of the connected everything.

Should we be terrified of the spam in our fridges? Will ISPs be able to cope with all these things joining the internet? Regardless, it looks like the concept is here to stay since it adds up to big money for governments.

So, come on. Get geared up, set your toaster to stun and dive in to our comprehensive look at what the Internet of Things is and what it means for you.

What the devil is it?

Should we be worried?

What about security and privacy?

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What does the future hold?

What does the IOT mean for businesses?