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Swedes set up embassy in Second Life

Visitors to the magical make-believe world of Second Life can now visit a Swedish Embassy

The Swedish nation has over 100 embassies in capital cities dotted all over the world. It's latest addition, though, really tests the boundaries of reality: an embassy inside the make-believe world of Second Life.

Despite having none of the powers of an official embassy, the purpose of this Swedish foray into the virtual online world of Second Life is to spread the word about the Swedish nation. The embassy will not be able to issue visitors with passports or visas, but it is equipped to tell them how great the real country of Sweden actually is.

This is the first officially sanctioned embassy in Second Life, but it is not the first piece of the real world to make it into the fantasy environment. News agency Reuters has a dedicated office for reporting events and business transactions that take place within Second Life.

BBC Radio 1 also recently hired a virtual island in the fantasy world to host an online music festival.