Salvage your Google Reader data by July 15 or it's gone forever

Salvage your Google Reader data by July 15 or it's gone forever
OK, for reals goodbye this time

Google Reader may have closed its doors for good on Monday, but there's still a chance to rescue all of that lovely data before the company "systematically deletes" it like a Terminator.

In a post on the official Google Reader blog - presumably the last one - the company has given ex-users until 12 p.m. PT (8 p.m. in the U.K.) on July 15 before everything you've ever favourited is slaughtered.

"All Google Reader subscription data (eg. lists of people that you follow, items you have starred, notes you have created, etc.) will be systematically deleted from Google servers," the post entitled 'A Final Farewell' read.

"You can download a copy of your Google Reader data via Google Takeout until 12 p.m. PT July 15, 2013."


Google Takeout is a service that allows users to download a copy of the data stored by Google's online products, be it Gmail, Google+, YouTube, Drive or, in this case Reader.

Downloading the zip file will allow users to access their subscription data, which can then be fed into one of the services hoping to provide adequate alternatives to the dearly departed RSS reader.

Google controversially decided to shutter the service in March, angering thousands who relied on the it to know what the heck was happening in the world.

Since that time, a number of alternatives have gained momentum, such as Feedly, or arrived on the scene sniffing an opportunity, like Digg Reader. Rumours also persist that Facebook could be planning to step into the void with its own RSS collation tool.

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