Red-faced Joost struggles with demand

Joost has reported problems with its servers...

Internet TV provider Joost has admitted it is having problems coping with demand. In the early hours of this morning, Joost CEO Fredrik de Wahl posted an apologetic message on the Joost blog under the header 'a little red-faced'.

Earlier this week, Joost opened its virtual doors to a wider public than just the band of beta testers it had previously enlisted.

It seems Joost is having issues with its central servers, which are hosted in Luxembourg. "We've been flooded with demand, which is fabulous and ultimately will make the system stronger," said de Wahl. "But since it's unaccustomed to this level of usage it's stumbling a bit, whereas we'd like it to be sprinting."

De Wahl also said he regretted that "new and existing" users weren't getting the experience they should. But he said: "we're getting an incredible look at the system at work (and more importantly what's not working) so that we can reduce the likelihood of this happening again."

The CEO promised to post again when the issue is fixed, before thanking users for their patience.

Joost is the latest project from Niklas Zennström and Janus Friis, the men behind internet telephony service Skype , and file-sharing network Kazaa . It aims to be a legal source for TV over the internet, without loss of quality. It offers some 150 channels of video content.


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