Microsoft ups webmail encyption game following scathing Google report

Microsoft ups its webmail encyption game in aftermath of scathing Google report
Microsoft improves Outlook email encryption. It now has some

Microsoft has switched on its new webmail encryption tools making it far more difficult for prying eyes to take a peek at emails exchanged through and the software giant's other webmail domains.

The new Transport Layer Security (TLS) encryption integration follows a six month effort to overhaul security and comes just weeks after Google heavily criticised the lack of protection Microsoft was offering.

The Google report had claimed more than 50 per cent of emails sent to or from web-based Outlook, Hotmail, MSN and Live accounts was arriving at its destination unencrypted.

The changes, which had been in the offing long before Google's attack, are geared towards remedying that, keeping out would-be criminals and government snoops out in the process.


In a blog post, Microsoft's VP of trustworthy computing security added it would be opening new Transparency Centers to allow governments to ensure there are no 'back doors' into key software products.

"Our Transparency Centers provide participating governments with the ability to review source code for our key products, assure themselves of their software integrity, and confirm there are no "back doors." The Redmond location is the first in a number of regional transparency centers that we plan to open," he wrote.


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