Twitter's 6 second video app Vine goes live

Twitter's 6 second video app Vine goes live
Vine - get shooting

Twitter revealed that its new video-sharing app Vine is live in a predictably Twitterish way - CEO and founder Dick Costolo embedded a video into a tweet.

Initially only available on iOS, Vine allows you to put together quick and easy videos intended for sharing on Twitter.

The company's preference for brevity extends to its new video-creator as you get only six seconds of filming time to play with.



It's quite a nifty little app: rather than messing around with editing software and the like, users simply hold their finger down on the screen to record and lift it off to stop. You can do this as many times in one video as you like.

Happily, you can save a video without posting it to Twitter, Vine or Facebook, but any videos posted on Twitter are viewable in the drop-down Twitter box rather than taking you off to an external site.

Many are referring to Vine as the Instagram of video apps which is just the lazy kind of description we adore here at TechRadar - the difference being that Twitter plays nice with Vine and has banished Instagram photos to the Instagram site rather than embedding them in tweets as before.

Vine is now available from the Apple App Store. The free app is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touches running iOS 5.0 or later.

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