Twitter officially rolls out Lists

Who was that person that did that thing Don t worry here s a list of them all

Twitter has finally rolled out List functionality to its homepage, meaning you can finally let the world know who it should be following.

Although announced earlier this month, Lists were kept locked down to a select few testers. Not any more - Twitter has brought it out for anyone that wants to get involved.

So now if you're one of those who'd stuck their head out and created a 'most influential people in X industry' list (and been lambasted for said list, mostly by those that weren't included), there's a safe haven to do so.

Following me, following you... ahaaa

The functionality works two ways - lists of people that you think are worth following in a certain group (be it actors, lacrosse stars or those people that you reckon might be useful in a fight with an unspecified number of cats), and lists that contain your Twitter ID.

The list can be made public or private, so only you can see who is on the list and can then focus your attention on what your favourite Twitter subsection is up to.

And of course being able to follow everyone on the list at once will make life so much easier - though it does mean those trolling through the TwitWeb looking for unsuspecting folk to follow and spam with product links have just had their lives made that little bit easier.