Twitter hits 100 million active users

Twitter hits 100 million active users
Come back to us when you have 140 million active users, ok Twitter?

Twitter has announced that it has reached 100 million global active users on Twitter, accessing it via, official Twitter apps and third-party apps too.

In a very un-Twitter-like move, the social network has also revealed a veritable cornucopia of stats about its users, no doubt hoping to lure in new advertisers and actually make some money for a change.

So, we now know that those 100 million tweeters are averaging around 230 million tweets a day, which amounts to a lot of pithy commentary on current events.

What's more, 400 million monthly unique browsers access; that's up 70 per cent from the start of the year (!). Meanwhile, 55 per cent of the 100 million active users are hitting Twitter from a mobile device.

Sir Tweetalot

Twitter also thinks it's going to sign up another 26 million users by January 2012 – but even if it does, its user base is still a drop in the ocean compared to Facebook's, which reports over 750 million active users, of which 50 per cent log on to the social network each day.

But, with Twitter users' propensity to get involved in current events and the ever present possibility of celebrities getting drunk and tweeting things they probably shouldn't, Twitter users are clearly on the up and up, while Facebook is likely to be entering a bit of a plateau.

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