Twitter boasts of 105 million registered users

Twitter chirps up
Twitter chirps up

Twitter co-owner Biz Stone has revealed that the site now has 105 million registered users.

He revealed the startling number at a Twitter developer conference, aptly title Chirp, and also mentioned that 30,000 people a day are signing up to tweet.

Chirp is the first of its kind for Twitter and allows devs to show off their talents by 'hacking' the site and offering up new APIs to make Twitter more functional.

Twitter has been around since May 2006, with the first tweet sent by co-founder Jack Dorsey. It simply said: "just setting up my twttr".

This wasn't because he had a hatred for vowels, twttr was the original name for Twitter.

The dev conference is a significant one for Twitter as the micro-blogging site is going into a new phase.

Big changes

This week it was slipped that there will be adverts (sponsored tweets) on the site and the company also recent bought up Tweetie, relauching it as Twitter for the iPhone.

The site may be doing well but it still has some way to go to reach the popularity of Facebook.

As TechRadar exclusively revealed earlier in the year, Farmville – a game found on Facebook - is still currently more popular.

But we all know that, considering the amount of Farmville updates we get from our friends telling us how much straw they are short of a hay bale.

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