Time for a change: Beeb to remove 'inaccurate' clock from homepage

Time for a change: Beeb to remove 'inaccurate and misleading' clock from webs
How many BBC employees does it take to change a clock?

The BBC will remove the analogue clock from its website following complaints from members of the public over its accuracy... or lack thereof.

The clock, which was added to the homepage as part of a redesign in 2010, draws the time from the user's computer, whether that's the correct time or not.

The upset license payer said the clock was 'misleading' and said users would automatically assume that the clock would display the correct time.

The corporation said it would take "100 staffing days" to ensure the clock shows an accurate time, so it'll be removed in a future update.

Clock out

A BBC spokesperson said: "The BBC takes accuracy very seriously. Given the technical complexities of implementing an alternative central clock, and the fact that most users already have a clock on their computer screen, the BBC has taken the decision to remove the clock from the Homepage in an upcoming update."

In its reasoning, the BBC Trust also said that users had every right to expect that a clock on its website would show the correct time in the UK, rather than wherever the computer is located.

It wrote: "In the absence of clear labelling to the contrary, users of the bbc.co.uk website would assume that a clock provided by the BBC on its home page would reflect as accurately as possible…the right time in the UK."

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