The new look TechRadar is here

New look TechRadar is here
TechRadar - a whole new look

UPDATE: We're aware of a few technical issues with the new site. Please bear with us while we iron out the bugs.

TechRadar's new look has finally gone live, bringing a cleaner and more modern feel to Britain's favourite technology site and making it easier for you to find the news, features and reviews that you love.

Although we'll forever reminisce about the news grid, we decided that the time had come to be a little more linear in the way that we do things – making it easier to find out what's happened and when.

You'll also notice that the front page loads faster and that the whole site is bedecked with big, beautiful widescreen images.

Video star

Video will now be significantly bigger in the page and a lot nicer to watch. There's even a video homepage where you can flick through all of our best video content. You can read more about the redesign here.

Although things may look different we'll still be bringing you the most authoritative reviews, the latest and greatest tech news and the hardest-hitting features by some of Britain's most important technology voices.

So, welcome to the new look TechRadar. We hope you'll enjoy the cleaner, brighter and more visual site and we'd love your feedback – good and bad – so we can carry on improving for years to come.

Patrick Goss

Patrick Goss is the ex-Editor in Chief of TechRadar. Patrick was a passionate and experienced journalist, and he has been lucky enough to work on some of the finest online properties on the planet, building audiences everywhere and establishing himself at the forefront of digital content.  After a long stint as the boss at TechRadar, Patrick has now moved on to a role with Apple, where he is the Managing Editor for the App Store in the UK.