Starbucks offers Brits free Wi-Fi

Finally, Brits can get free Wi-Fi in their local Starbucks via BT Openzone

Starbucks is finally offering its British customers access to free Wi-Fi in its UK stores, providing you sign up to become a registered card holder with the company.

The free high-speed Wi-Fi comes courtesy of BT Openzone and customers will need to initially load their new Starbucks card with £5 to get involved.

"By adding BT Openzone to its rewards programme, Starbucks is giving more customers access to a great place to work or catch up over email," said Chris Bruce, CEO, BT Openzone. "The agreement marries excellent in-store Wi-Fi with the highest quality coffee."


Though if Chris Bruce had actually been to our local Starbucks on Baker Street, he would of course realise that it is perhaps the least work-friendly location in central London.

You can register over at and the new benefit will automatically apply for existing registered Starbucks Card holders.

Alternatively, instead of sitting hunched in the corner of your local Starbucks frittering away your time IM'ing your friends on the internet you could always just buy yourself a nice new cafetiere and invite the same friends over to your house to chat 'IRL'!