Spotify upgrades desktop app with gapless playback

Spotify upgrades desktop app with gapless playback
Spotify - helping your music fade away

Spotify has decided that it hates the sound of silence, announcing that it is introducing gapless playback to its desktop service.

A small but significant change, the introduction of gapless playback means that when you are listening to a mix, you won't have to suffer the awkward stuttering from one track to the next. Instead, it will be seamless.

This has made one DJ very happy. Paul Oakenfold said about the new feature: "I use Spotify daily, many of my own releases are mixed so I'm delighted to hear Spotify will now offer gapless playback and crossfade so my fans can experience the mixes on Spotify in the way they normally do in the clubs."

Mind the gap

Also getting the Oakenfold seal of approval is the new crossfader feature.

Yes, you can now be a bedroom DJ, by selecting the exact number of seconds you want your songs to crossfade (from 1 to 12 seconds). You can do this by visiting your Spotify Preferences and flipping the 'on' switch.

Other features in the update include: drag & drop fixed on Windows, improved Subscribe, Buddy List and Favourites options, faster artist browsing, 'Offline Mode' via Spotify menu and a new save and restore feature for 'Now Playing'.

The new feature rollout begins from today (or you can download the updates for Mac and Windows) and we have contacted Spotify to see when the mobile apps are set to get gapless playback too.

Marc Chacksfield

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