Someone just had the best 'shower thought' about Google


I swear, some of the best ideas I've ever read have come from Shower Thoughts. If you don't know, that's the Subreddit for thoughts and philosophical questions which pop into people's heads while they're showering. Because let's face it: all our best ideas do.

User Higgenbottoms just had a particularly great epiphany: "Google should launch Googlr, similar to Tinder, Grindr, and Sizzlr, to match you with potential soulmates based on your search history."

Horrifying. But also rather brilliant.

"This is actually kind of interesting," says XanthippeSkippy. "Presumably it would look for compatible search histories rather than matching ones, and they wouldn't give the other person the details. Google has inserted themselves into so many areas of our lives, why not this?"

Because, as rosietobes puts it, "I couldn't bring that sick person to meet my parents"

Maybe the answer lies somewhere short of a full-blown Google matchmaking service. "I'd be down if this was a reddit thing," says treyisajedi93, "A dating app based on which subreddits you subscribe to and which ones you block. Redditr."

Then in swoops mucho-mitcho with some topical humour: "The NSA should release a list of people you'd get along with based on all the data they've collected. It's really the least they can do."

Folks, I think we're onto something...

Hugh Langley

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