Sky Anytime Plus VoD service out this year

Sky shows off Anytime Plus
Sky shows off Anytime Plus

Sky has announced that it is to broaden its VoD content, with Sky Anytime Plus – an on-demand service that houses hundreds of movies and thousands of hours' TV content.

Only available to Sky customers who also have the Sky Broadband package, the service will have content from all the major movie distributors, but will only be available in standard def.

As it is piped through your web connection, if you want to download a movie it is expected to take 40 minutes. Streaming, however, will start within a minute of choosing what you want to watch.

Playing catch-up

Speaking to Pocket-Lint about Sky Anytime Plus, Sky's head of TV services, Kathryn Downward, said: "We hope to offer support for other internet service providers in the future, but at launch the service will only be available to Sky Broadband customers.

"All movie houses are expected to be on board and we are talking to the [UK] terrestrial channels as well."

Currently, Virgin Media is the king of VoD content, which means Sky has a lot of catching up to do. Virgin now has over 4,600 hours of TV on demand available.

The Sky Anytime Plus service will come to customers as an over-the-air download later in the year - although deatails of a UK release date are still to be confirmed.

Via Pocket-Lint

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