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Psh, forget Game of Thrones Emmy - piracy is where it's at

GoT Emmy
Piracy is better than that Emmy of yours Tyrion

Game of Thrones is no stranger to piracy as it topped the charts as the most illegally downloaded show in 2012 - and Time Warner CEO Jeff Bewkes thinks it's the best award you can ask for.

In fact, Bewkes told investors illegal downloads are "better than an Emmy" earlier this week during an earnings meeting. Bewkes said that the age-old piracy issue isn't a major problem since it leads to more paid viewers in the long run thanks to its "tremendous word of mouth thing."

HBO's execs seem to agree and see the illegal downloading as a compliment, though they do try to stop the people selling the pirated copies.

So as long as you're tuning in somehow, and not selling the pirated show for a profit, the Game of Thrones execs are happy - which should provide more than enough incentive to watch this dragon-filled, regicide-fueled drama.

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