Pink Floyd pull classic albums off the internet

A number of Pink Floyd's classic albums are no longer available to download online

Key Pink Floyd albums have been dropped from the digital market this month, with versions of The Wall, Wish You Were

Here, The Final Cut



pulled off the internet.

Music fans can no longer find these classic Floyd cuts online at iTunes, 7digital or Amazon's MP3 store.

The reason why you can no longer buy the albums is down to the fact that EMI's contract that covered those albums expired 30 June this year.

EMI still has stock of copies of the albums on CD, which it is still allowed to sell off.

Will Pink Floyd drop EMI?

Pink Floyd's earlier albums such as the classic The Piper at the Gates of Dawn and gazillion-sellin Dark Side of the Moon are still available as digital downloads via EMI.

Sources close to the band say that Pink Floyd's management has been looking for a licensing deal to cover off the entire back catalogue for some time.

EMI has so far refused to comment on the rumours that the band may well be looking to 'defect' to another label, following the likes of Radiohead and Paul McCartney.

Via Reuters