Opera 12.10 update debuts for high-res displays

Opera 12.10
Look at me now

The internet just got a little bit classier as Opera launched the latest version of its web browser Tuesday.

Opera 12.10 brings loads of goodies for PC and Mac users, as well as plenty of new tools for developers.

Along with the expected speed and technical upgrades, it also gives programmers the ability to write more powerful extensions.

Something for everyone

First off, Opera gets a whole lot sharper and prettier with the update. The browser now supports the ICC profile v4, which helps display more vibrant and colorful photos.

It also adds support for high-DPI screens and Retina displays on the Mac.

Speaking of OS X, the browser has more Mountain Lion integration. Opera connects with OS X's Notification Center and takes advantage of Mac's built-in sharing functionality.

Opera also got more touch friendly in the upgrade. It has basic touch and pinch-zoom support for Windows 8 classic and desktop environments meaning those with a Windows 8 touch display can take a more hands on approach to web browsing.

Extending the web

A big focus of the new Opera is on the pumped extensions.

"You want more relevant content, faster, and preferably without having to check a bunch of websites to get your news, email or other site content," Opera wrote in a press release.

"That's one reason why Opera launched extensions, small enhancements that extend the functionality of your browser, for its desktop browser two years ago and started deeply integrating them into the browser."

Taking center stage is the Speed Dial extension, which lets users launch their favorite sites from the home screen.

The more powerful extensions let users better connect to social networks, find interesting articles to read and track news and weather. Opera highlighted extensions for Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Readbility, StumbleUpon, TED, Google Calendar and Gmail.

Going ape for APIs

Opera added several new APIs for developers to enhance the extensions. A new Context Menu API lets programmers mess around with the menu that appears when user click the right-mouse button.

It also added a Resource Loader API, a Screenshot API, beefed up security with the new WebSocket API and updated the URL Filer API.

A little bit more SPDY

Opera also got a little speedier by incorporating the new SPDY protocol. It works with SPDY-enabled sites such as Twitter, Gmail and Wordpress to make for a quicker browsing experience.

That about rounds out the new additions to Opera 12.10. All that's left to do is put on those silk internet browsing gloves and theater binoculars for some web surfing.

Via Opera