Noel Gallagher can't stand music videos, can just about accept the internet

High-flying Noel
High-flying Noel

Noel Gallagher has explained that he's come to accept music's great shift to online but that he still can't stand making music videos.

Gallagher, most famous for Oasis but now hugely successful as a solo artist, was typically forthright on Soccer AM about how the internet was taking some of the fun out of music.

"Yeah of course [it's taken the mystery out of music]," he said. "When Oasis started if you had heard about Oasis and you wanted to see them you had to go and see them.

"Now it's easy to tap into a computer, get on YouTube and have an opinion on a band in 30 seconds - whereas back in the day when we were all young-uns you had to go and be there didn't you?


"I'm not on Twitter, life's too short for that, but you've got accept [the internet's] the way you connect with young people - whoever they are.

"I like the internet - it's not what it's all cracked up to be, but it's alright."

Music videos are also considered a necessary evil by Gallagher - who admitted: "I can't stand them."

"In those videos you showed I look furious in all of them. They take all day and the directors are usually quite pretentious."

Maybe he should show them the High Flying Bird...

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