Netflix offers help in battle against the binge with optional auto-play

Netflix offers help in battle against the binge with optional auto-play
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Video on demand services makes it all too easy for us to consume an entire series without losing the warm spot on the couch. So easy in fact that Netflix will begin playing next episode automatically.

Although Netflix would actually prefer us to gobble up shows like Orange is the New Black in one sitting, it is now offering a lifeline for those users who struggle to say "no" when more important tasks lie in wait.

The streaming giant's 'post play' menu, which informs users that the next episode will start in X amount of seconds can now be tweaked within account settings.

In 'Playback settings' menu there's now a tick box, allowing users to choose whether the next episode plays automatically. The default setting is on.

Just one more...

Binge viewing has become a hot topic again in the last year, with Netflix presenting original, first run content all at once like House of Cards, as well as it's masses of catch-up content like Breaking Bad and Dexter.

The debate rages over whether the all-you-can eat method or the weekly episodic method makes for a superior viewing experience.

At least Netflix's new playback setting makes it a little easier for users to tear themselves away and save some for later.

Do you like to binge or savour? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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