Mozilla's Firefox 4 beta now available for download

Firefox 4 beta now available to download
Firefox 4 beta now available to download

Mozilla has released the first candidate build for its Firefox 4 browser beta, with the latest version slated for an official launch in November later this year.

If you cannot wait that long, then you can check out the latest developer build of the all-new Firefox here.

We told you all about Mozilla's plans for Firefox 4 early last month, when the darlings of the open source development scene released a set of slides outlines the latest overhaul of its internet browser.

You can see those slides over on Mozilla's Mike Beltzner's blog, the director of Firefox at Mozilla. Beltzner promises that Firefox 4 will be 'super-duper' fast, support the next generation HTML5, bring touchscreen and 64-bit support, and offer a completely revamped user interface.

Tabs move up top

Indeed, the first major change in the user interface (UI) that you will notice on downloading the Firefox 4 beta is the fact that the default position of tabs is now at the top of the screen. It immediately makes the browser look a lot less cluttered. Mozilla has clearly taken a leaf out of Opera and Google Chrome's design guides.

Firefox 4 will also debut JaegerMonkey, an extension to Mozilla's JavaScript engine that works alongside TraceMonkey, which will enable a notable bump in the browser's speed.

If you need any further convincing to go and check out the new Firefox 4 beta, then you might also want to check out the demonstration video posted earlier this week by Mozilla's Alex Faaborg, Principal Designer on Firefox, explaining why tabs on top is now the default look for Firefox in Firefox 4.

And if that still doesn't convince you that tabs-on-top is the future of your Firefox browser experience, then you can always choose to revert back to the old school tabs-below-the-URL-bar look.

Adam Hartley