Hashtags get a new role as Twitter tests video clip suggestions

Twitter testing video suggestions based on hashtags
Hashtags could become the key to adding content to tweets

Twitter may be looking to add new functionality to tweets, with the social network currently testing video suggestions that pop up when users throw a specific hashtag into the mix.

As Recode points out, some users of the iOS app are being offered video clips from the new Seth McFarlane movie when they start typing the hashtag #amillionwaystodieinthewest.

Once the video is selected, it appears within the tweet as if a user posted embedded a YouTube clip, or uploaded footage from their smartphone.

At the moment it appears to be in a partnership with content providers, is only available to iOS users at present and doesn't appear to be working with other hashtags at this time.

Added value

Twitter, for its part, offered its usual response to an enquiry, saying it "experiments all the time," but if the feature eventually rolls out, it could prove useful for users and, potentially a new revenue stream for Twitter.

If users were, for example, able to add a clip from the show when posting about #GameOfThrones to illustrate the part of the show they enjoyed most, it would add a little more value to tweets, while also giving readers a reason to stay on the site longer by viewing the video.

Also, if Twitter plans on making this functionality available to partners, it could earn a few bucks by renting out the hashtags to content providers.

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