Google Music event to reveal MP3 download store?

Google Music
Google Music will have a "twist" according to Andy Rubin

Google has issued an invite to the media for an event on 16 November, which may see the company finally introduce a Google Music MP3 download store.

The company has channelled legendary British rock band Spinal Tap with a tag-line teasing "These go up to eleven." for the event, which will be streamed live on YouTube.

The reference is, of course, an homage to the guitar amps of Nigel Tufnel that were "one louder" than ten, but aside from a possible Spinal Tap concert at the event, we're not really sure what it means.

Google has been teasing "a twist" from the normal music download stores for a while now, so it's entirely possible that this will be revealed at Wednesday's event.


Google Music currently exists in a rather primitive form, with account holders able to upload their music to the cloud and then access it from a range of devices.

It is presently a free service, but uploading music to the platform takes an absolute age, and Apple's $24.99 iTunes Match service looks a better alternative at present.

Whatever happens at Google's event, it's likely that the service will, at least, come out of Beta.

The "These go to eleven" event at 10pm UK time on Wednesday and we'll be on-hand to bring you all of the news. You can also follow the event at

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