Google Maps gets live Tube update extension

Google Maps gets live Tube update extension
Google goes down the Tube

Google has announced an update to Google Maps, which tracks the London Underground telling you if and when a Tube is delayed.

This new functionality has been added to Google Maps and can be accessed through clicking on a station on a map.

The Tube updates follows on from Google's plan to map London's bus system, which was integrated into Maps last summer.

And the good news is that the functionality is available both on the mobile version of Google Maps and the desktop version.

Real-time alerts

Speaking about the new Tube tracking system, Thijs van As, Associate Product Manager, Google Transit, said: "Ahead of a busy summer in London, we are bringing real time service alerts for the London Underground to Google Maps.

"We'll let you know of any disruptions on the Underground that are happening at the time you need them most."

The Tube information will be updated every 30 seconds and the whole thing is colour coded – with good service route tinted given the greenlight and delayed ones the red light, which is a little unfair on the Central line but there you go.

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