Facebook simplifies its privacy policy

Facebook - making privacy that little bit easier to read

Facebook has announced that it has simplified its current 5,830-word privacy policy to make it clearer and easier for users to understand.

While non of the terms of the privacy policy have changed, a new format is being trialled to see if it helps users of the site understand how their data is being used.

Facebook has been often criticised for making its privacy policy far too convoluted, meaning that you would have to be a brave person to read the thousands of words on the site regarding privacy.

Privacy principles

Facebook has come up with three basic principles about the policy.

  • It should be easy to understand, even when the concepts are complicated, or it is of no use to anyone.
  • It should be visual and interactive, because that's the way people use the web today.
  • It should focus on the questions people who use Facebook are most likely to ask, because that makes it relevant.

If you want to take a look at the new-look, less wordy and not-as-scary privacy policy, then you can do so by going to www.facebook.com/about/privacy.