Facebook has a plan to stop you uploading drunk photos

Saving face

You may forget the events of a good night out, but the internet doesn't. And while those 3am photos may have seemed like a good idea at the time, you might later regret having them shared with the world on Facebook.

But the social media giant is looking at ways to save you the awkwardness of your Mum seeing these pictures the next day. Yann LeCun, the man behind Facebook's Artificial Intellifence Research lab, is set to work on an innovative form of AI that can recognise the difference between your face when drunk and sober.

The online assistant will give Facebook users an option to think twice before they post a photo they may later regret. LeCun is hoping to develop a form of online assistant that will give Facebook's well-oiled users an option to think twice before they post a photo they may later regret.

However, not settling for saving the world from various forms of online awkwardness, LeCun is also working on a form of AI that will completely revolutionise the online experience of the social media site.

Deep learning

Working with a form of "deep-learning", the new AI is being developed as a way to automate online tasks by imitating neuron network functions in the human brain. Speaking to Wired, LeCun said, "Imagine that you had an intelligent digital assistant which would mediate your interaction with your friends and also with content on Facebook."

Facebook will soon start to learn from what you post online and will start to tailor content towards your specific interests.

So while there's nobody who has yet developed a form of AI to ask you whether you're sure about devouring that 2am kebab, it does look like Facebook will soon stop you from posting photos your parents wouldn't approve of.